Saturday, October 27, 2012

Imran Khan interrogated by US immigration on Toronto Airport?

Good day and EID Mubarak to all Muslim Brothers and Sisters.

I have just saw that Imran Khan has been interrogated by US immigration Authorities on Toronto Airport and questioned on Drone Attacks in Pakistan.

I personally strongly condemn this act by US immigration and will demand from the Pakistani Government to call US Embassador for strong action. One side we are wellcoming every US officials on coming to Pakistani Airports and other side the US officials are insulting our great leaders. This is not the justification.

What is the status of Secretary and Deputy Secretaries of US States? When they are coming to Pakistan and they also meeting with our head of states without any delay. We cannot ignore to meet them, we are welcoming every US officials and the other side they are insulting our leaders why why?. We need the answer?.

Once again i complain to the Pakistan Government to take necessary action on this issue should call the US Ambassador on this tyrant act.


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