Sunday, October 28, 2012

Imran Khan interview to Canadian TV

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Imran Khan has given an interview to Canadian news channel in which he once again stated that we cannot win this war without any talks, we are spending trillions of dollars and we spent trillions of dollars, but still no result and the United States and NATO is now approaching to Taliban for talks. So, this is my stance every time that we cannot win war just to fight, we dont know that who is terrorist and who is killing in US drone attacks.

Imran Khan has also re-etariated that Canada should quite from this undeclared war and i am sure that Canada will make a lot of benefits to quite from this war so he requested to leave this war.

The Canadian TV has also told the world that we have a very distingueshed guest and the biggest political Leader of Pakistan and they also told the Imran Khan is a very delebrated Pakistan Politician. Every Western TV as well as American Channels also given a big priority to PTI Chief Imran Khan and they are thinking that Mr. Imran Khan will be next Prime Minister of Pakistan and inshallah he will be the next PM of Pakistan.


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