Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Imran Khan's interview on CNN 9th October 2012

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CNN's popular newscaster and anchor woman Christine has hold an interview with PTI Chief Imran Khan about the Waziristan Aman March, She called him as a "Likely to be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan" in this interview Imran Khan Re-etariated that we cannot win terrorism war without winning hearts and minds of the people of FATA, Waziristan Tribe and Pakhtoon Tribe, We can learn from the past in Afghanistan, so keep in mind we cannot win war without the negotiations.

With a question that Christine asked the presently there is a election campaign in United States, Who will win the Election in USA and what is the best candidate for you and for Pakistani people?. Imran Khan told her that we are not looking who will be the next President of the United States?, we are just looking a President who could stop Drone attacks in Pakistan and who can change their policy and can stop a war here in Pakistan as well as in Afghanistan. So, i request to the world and to the next President of the United States to please stop drone attacks here in Pakistan, because you are giving more strength to the terrorism to doing drone attacks here in Pakistan.

A great and interview.


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