Thursday, October 11, 2012

Malala Malala and Malala Yusafzai?

Malala Malala and just Malala Yousafzai?, everyone is talking about Malalai.

There are a number of innocent children martyred everyday in American drone attacks and Israel has also killing innocent children in Palestine and in Lebnan as well, why the International community and United States people not criticizing these unjustified attacks. In the drone attacks just 2% attacks are going to be on point, otherwise they are killing 98% innocent people. This is the reality. So, why no one shouting on this issue.

I have also reservations from Pakistani people those who are just talking about Malalai Yousazai. I admit that she is innocent and she was a brave girl and i also criticize Taliban for this cowardly act.

But on the other side if you can see the situation, why these kind of activities happening?. Hame is bimari k jar ko dekna chaheye, why taliban and other extremists are doing this kind of cowardly attacks on their own people?. What is the main issue?

As for my information the issue is the US cowardly attacks, drone attacks on civilians and the occupation of Afghanistan as well. The Americans are interfacing without any justification on every country and their tanks mouth have every time to the Muslim countries. Why they are inter-fairing on others sovereignty  The west and the United States are giving argument that why Taliban attacked on Twin Tower in United States?. Yes you are right, you should also change your mind toward the Muslim community and Muslim issues, recently we saw the video of an American in which they humiliated our Prophet Piece be Upon Him (PPBUH) Hazrat Mohammad S.A.W. We all Muslims can sacrificing our life for his name. The other side Americans are not criticizing these acts, just a press conferences there is no action. That is the point that is the issue that can rising terrorism. For God Sack think about these issues and change your minds.

PTI Chief Imran Khan has been interviewed by CNN in which he requested to USA and President Obama to stop drone attacks because these acts are going toward to terrorism and making more and more Taliban and extremists.

So, stop shouting Malalai, Malalai and Malalai. Talk to other as well.


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