Saturday, November 17, 2012

Israeli Forces Killing Innocent Palestinians

Believe me i cannot say hi to anyone, i am very sad about the present situation in Gaza strip. The tyrant forces of Israelis are killing innocent people in Gaza and the other side the declaring himself as a super power country United State supporting Israel for killing kids and innocents civilians. Is this justify?.

Listen! Israelis and United States, you will never achieve your aims and we are 100% sure that you will face your God and as you saw the Tsunami in America as well, this is the warning from God to stop killing innocents in Afghanistan and in Israel, so stop killing just innocent children and innocent people everywhere. 

The NATO, Israelis and United States saying that they are fighting against terrorism?, where is terrorism is the way that you are fighting, Can you justify to killed innocent people in Israel and in Afghanistan?. 

There are rising more angers against United States and Israelis from every part of the world. Look! as a biggest and world power country it is your responsibility to listen and see the present situation in Gaza and to warned Israelis to stop this tyrant action against innocents. Otherwise it will create a big problems to the world. So, please try to understand and please win the heart of the innocent people living abroad to show your justice.

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