Friday, December 26, 2014

Military Courts in Pakistan

Military Courts in Pakistan

After a Peshawar School incident, Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif call for All Parties Conference in Islamabad and send invitations to all Political Leaders to participate in this important meeting. 

This was a very long time meeting and it takes around 11 hours to come to conclusion. After the meeting Prime Minister conduct a press conference, in which he announce that we first condemn this brutal attack on innocent students in Peshawar, secondly we have decided to create Military Courts to provide speedy justice. All the parties were agreed on Military courts, but MQM was disagreed and they were against this creation. 

MQM Chief Altaf Bhai told in a press conference that, we cannot agree on military courts, why we should not invite to General Raheel Shareef for Marshal Law, i think Marshal is much better than Military Courts?. These were the words by Altaf Bhai

Wazir Khan
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Friday, December 19, 2014

Terrorists killed innocent school children in Pakistan

Dear friends,

There is a very sad days now in Pakistan, Pakistani Taliban TTP attacked on Army Public School Peshawar in Pakistan, they martyred hundreds of innocent schools children and teachers in the school.

The TTP has claimed the responsibility of this brutal attack, i strongly condemned this brutal act and we demand as a Muslim and Pakistani that stop the negotiations with TTP and start speedy Operation against Taliban, the Government should vast this campaign across all Pakistan and destroy all that culprits. We cannot tolerate these kind of brutal attacks.

In the past i strongly condemned attacks on civilians in Waziristan and as well as on Lal Mosque in Islamabad and definitely i will condemned this kind of attacks as well, but the other side it is not the right way to attack and killed innocent people like they are doing right now. Taliban are loosing there sympathy worldwide.

Your comments will be appreciated.

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Imran Khan not respecting people

PTI Coalition partner in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, AJP head Shehram Khan Taraqai express his concerns about Imran Khan, he told in a press conference that Imran Khan is not respecting their colleagues.

This is the main concern that i am telling in the most of my articles, I am watching Imran Khan from a very log time. Actually he is not respecting there colleagues and workers in all the time. As today Shehram Khan Tarakai told the news persons that we are participating Dharna in Islambad, but Imran Khan is not respecting there coalition partners.

I have expressed several time this concern on my articles that he is not respecting people, but we love Imran Khan very much, the people of KPK has given a good mandate to PTI, thats why they love Imran Khan and feeling that Imran Khan is a great person, in the end as i wrote in my previous article, that Imran Khan should change his attitude. He is showing them self as a Badsha, i saw on facebook a picture of an old woman, she was giving donation to Imran Khan, she came in his container to give him her donation check. But he never stand up, he was just sitting on his big chair. Believe me the old woman was i think her age would be almost 70 year. She hand over her check to Imran and Imran never stand up to collect a check from this old woman. There are so many other examples like this one. Believe me we still respect and love Imran Khan very much.

Keep in mind and write in your hearts that Imran Khan will leave his respect and popularity, if this attitude was continue. So, we again request to Imran Khan to please change your attitude toward the workers and be positive all the time.

Wazir Khan
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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Imran Khan Speech in Islambad on 30th Novermber 2014

Dear friends,

Imran Khan started his speech with Bismillah Irrahmane Rahim, with Eyya kana Buddo Wa, eyya kanasta heen, he was very excited to see the charged crowed and told his workers that i got everything in this world and God has gave me everything, God has gave me respected workers like you. I dont need anything more. I just need a proparous and Tarraqi Yafta Pakistan,

Imran Khan demanded again Judicial Commission to find fact and reality about the election rigging. Imran Khan announce to close Lahore from 4th December and called to Nawaz Shareef to find the facts of the rigging in election, otherwise i will shutdown all the country.

Wazir Khan
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Shah Mehmood Qureshi in D, Chowk Islamabad

PTI vice President Shah Mehmood Qureshi has started his speech and told the people and colleagues that todays night on your name. I never saw a gathering like this one, He was very excited about the charged crowed and he told the people that people of Pakistan have given everything on your hands, so now you can decide whether we have to go out from here or we have still to wait here in Islambad, 

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Private Doctors in Pakistan

Dear friends,

Some days before i got an appointment with Dr. Ghulam Rasool Bhok at Hira Medical center, He is a child specialist. He checked my baby and gave me some syrups.  Mene bache ko rath ko syrup pilay aur usi rath bach teek hogia, Dr. Buhat acha tha, He is good spcecialist.

After a some days, our another kid was upset and i got appointment again for check up. Is dafa meri ghar wali mere batheeje k sath gai, mera bach b uske sath tha, jab usne mere batheeje ko deka and jaise hee rawana hue to meri ghar wali ne dr. se kaha mera bach to ab teek hai, me kia wohi syrup pelao, so What Dr. said, have you got an appointment????. and he told her i cannot see this kid without my fee and payment?.

This is the tolerance and business of Drs here in Pakistan, Doctorate is a great passion and humanity profession. Dr, should not get this Degree for money, Our Pakistani doctors are getting there degrees for just money and business. They are not interested to provide humanity, they are keen to get this degree for money.

In Pakistan there are thousands of doctors working in private clinics and looting people. I can give you an example, i purchase some medicals from Hira Medical complex in Sukkur in a very high rates, and then after some days i purchased the same medical syrups from another medical store, and you will be amzed to hear because it was very cheaper than the Hira Medical Complex store.

Hum kaise taraqee karenge, hum lage hue hai sirf or sirt paise kamane me, we are not thinking to give humanity to the people,

So, i request to all the doctors to please change your attitude and respect your profession.

Thats why Imran Khan is showing for change, we should support them to bring some change in Pakistan, and we have many expectations from PTI,

Have a good day,

Wazir Khan
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Imran Khan in Gujranwala Punjab

Dear friends and PTI colleagues, believe me i never seen before a political gathering in Gujranwala like today Jalsa of PTI. thousands of people were there and to wait and see their lover leader Imran Khan.

Shiekh Rasheed was also there and he also speech a great speech in this jalsa. Imran Khan arrived with their private chartered plane and then after the jalsa he returned to Islamabad Dharna.

We still support Imran Khan and his views on all aspects.

We love Imran Khan

Wazir Khan
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Friday, November 21, 2014

PTI Jalsa in Larkana

Hello and Good morning,

I am just wake up and preparing for Larkana jalsa, we are waiting for a long while because we have to show that we also love PTI and Imran Khan in Sindh, So, i am and all of my 19 friends are on bike to Larkana, its a great fun, and we pray for a peaceful jalsa in Larkana,

Have a good weekend.

Wazir Khan
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Anti Terrorist Court issued Arrest Warrant of Imran Khan

Pakistani Court issued an un-bail arrest warrant of Imran Khan and Tahirrul Qadri, But i think it is just a mind war to threat to PTI and PAT, Because Imran Khan is going to schedule a big Dharna/Jalsa on 30th November in Islamabad, so i think Government is very disappoint about this jalsa.

I think the Government is now going to in trouble more and more. PML-N are loosing their power in Punjab as well as in the other provinces. 

Wazir Khan
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Friday, November 7, 2014

PTI and JI

After a very strong criticism by PTI toward Jama,at Islami, and the same to toward PTI as now ended. Because Imran Khan arrived on JI senior member House in Islamabad to meet with Jamat Islami Chief Saraj-Ul-Haq and they talked about the present situation in Pakistan.

Both are agreed to continue their coalition in KPK.

I think it is a good to see both leaders on the same page.

Have a good day,

Wazir Khan
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Sunday, October 26, 2014

PTI Challenging MQM in Karachi

As we saw in the previous elections that PTI has become the 2nd Largest Party in Karachi and they are now improving more and more in Karachi, especially the most educated families from Karachi are now going to join PTI day by day and they want change in Pakistan.

I think there is no other party than PTI to challenge MQM in Karachi. PTI has got 4 seats in Karachi and they are now tightening more.

Wazir Khan
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

PTI demolishing PPP in Punjab

Dear friends,

Due to the present PTI Tsunami and Azadi March, is going to dead PPP in Punjab as well as in Karachi. Most of PPP Punjab leaders are trying to join PTI. Recent tour of Shah Mehmood Qureshi to Larkana is a key visit to convey Mumtaz Bhuto to join PTI.

There are some more news coming from Hala Mityari Hyderabad Sindh that PPPs named Leader Makhkdum Amin Fahim and his brother are going to join PTI as well,

From Karachi, the PML-Q president Haleem Adil Shaikh and his brother with their workers are also joining PTI and all of them will announce their entry into PTI at Larkana Jalsa.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Imran Khan! Please change your Attidue?

This was the main concern that I am expressing in most of my Articles, about Imran Khan’s attitude. Yesterday we saw Imran Khan’s speech on container in Islamabad about Javed Hashim, He told him that our views are different so, aaj ke bad hamare raste juda hai, and then today, he quite Mr. Javed Hashmi from PTI.

This is unfair, how you can quite an Important Leader and a President of PTI in just one word and without a Core Committee Meeting? It is unfair.  As I am giving an advice on most of articles that you should change your attitude toward your colleagues, as you are saying to PM Nawaz Sharif is a Badsha, so I think you are not a different from Badsha, you have change your mind, we don’t need Takkabburi and Badshahat. First time we saw that PTI is emerging and they are conducting elections in their own Party. As a genuine and an honest party, you teech us that we have to respect every views and advice of every member in PTI, so where is respect?.

We need a real respectful leader, we are thinking that Imran Khan is an hope in Pakistan. But believe me I am really very disappoint from Imran Khan’s decisions that he is binding without any consultation in Core Committee. Believe me I am very scared about your attitude, I am a worker of PTI from the last 15 years. Believe me I cannot face my friends and neighbors for doing this kind of decisions. We need an answer and clarification from my leader Imran Khan, as Javed Hashmi said in an interview that all of 10 members were agreed, not to go forward to Prime Minister House for strike. We need an answer from you?.

I am not tolerating Javed Hashmi press conference as well. It is not a good way to disclose any confidential issues in an open press conference.  

But it doesn’t mean that you just stand on container and telling the world that hamare raste juda hochuke hai?. Unfair? It is not fair. He is a President of PTI, PTI is not alone your. You cannot run PTI without workers and without leaders like Javed Hashmi and Shah Mehmood and there are so many that I can named.

What you have to do?, you have to request to Javed Hashmi please come back. Imran Khan I saw you’re an interview on Geo in which you said to the anchor that I have not sent Dr. Alvi and Asad Umar to Multan to realize and convey Javed Hashmi. Why? Why?. Javed Hashmi is a respectable person and I think every worker is respectable; we have many expectations from you Imran Khan from you. Please don’t hurt our expectations. You are an hope for new generations and for everyone in Pakistan.
I am reminding you routinely, that you please change your attitude toward your workers and your fellow that are in your core committee, otherwise believe me you are loosing everything. You have to be generous with your workers. You know?. How much we love you?. You cannot understand and you cannot imagine that how much we love you?. So, for God sack change your mind and change your attitude toward your workers and fellow. Have you saw Altaf Hussain? When he was addressing to their workers, in every speech he is expressing his views toward their workers, he is telling I love you I love you all of my dear workers and I believe that he love their worker as well. There is no question about this.

But in the other side you are I think for at now completely fail. Yesterday I saw your speech against Hashmi Sahib, how you can quite a President of PTI, just on one press conference. You are teaching us freedom of expression!. Believe me everyone including Makhdoom Shah Mehmood and all of other PTI colleagues are loving you and I am very concern if you have not change your this attitude, so I think slowly slowly and one by one will leave you. So, we don’t want PTI loose and we don’t want to loose this game in Pakistan. I have already told you about the result of KPK of Pashtoons. Imran Khan you are well aware! Jitni mohabbat apse Pashtoon karte hai, Utni hi nafrat b kar sakte hai. If you have not change your present attitude.

So, please and for God Sack change your Badshahat attitude otherwise you will see the result of Pashtoons.

Khuda apko salamat rake
Wazir Khan
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Islamabad become a War Land

It is very sad and i strongly condemn Government of Pakistan shelling on innocent civilians in Islamabad on PTI and on PAT workers. They also beaten Media Persons as well. There are un-confirmed news that there are 3 people has been killed so far, and hundreds of people wounded in this clashes.

We are feeling very shame that Pakistan Government Nawaz Government has completely fail to deliver peace in the country.

Nawaz Government is completely fail. and i think we need a democratic Government. and we strongly condemn these kind of activities.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Attitude of the Leader

I am a supporter of PTI, but i am always feel about the Imran Khan attitude toward their workers and someone. He dont have any tactic to attract more and more people. You saw a result of KPK in elections, the Pashtoon gave their mandate to Imran Khan for a change. He should deliver, otherwise he will loose everything. I am still supporting PTI, to bring change in the country. Believe me i still love Imran Khan. He never said to their followers that he Love them, as we have saying on every forum that we love Imran Khan, but his attitude is not very good toward their workers and colleagues.

In an interview Talat Huussain express his views that Imran Khan use a very bad language against him.

I think Imran Khan should behave their-self and try to make his attitude friendly. I am still supporting Imran Khan, but believe me i am very scared about his attitude, he must make some changes in his attitude. The must of people love him and they are expressing their solidarity with him on every forum. But i saw him that he is not responding as their worker. He should say at every Jalsa and in every program!. That i love you all of my workers, i love you. i saw a lot of little kids, babies in programs. But he never took the babies and he ignoring everything.

As a great leader he should respond friendly. I also saw him that he is not respecting their older leaders like Javed Hashmi and Shah Mehmood Qureshi, last night i saw Javed Hashmi was stand up with touch his shoulder and the rain was falling. He should respect.

Have you saw Altaf Hussan Bhai?. When he is addressing to his workers, he saying in every jalsa, i love you,i love you all of my workers. I dont like Altaf Bhai, he is a killer, but you saw how is the worker unit and they are dying on the name of Altaf. So, please be positive and respond gladly to your fellow and worker.

I still love you Imran Khan i still love you.

Wazir Khan
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Azadi March arrived infront of Parliament House

With a huge crowed Imran Khan announced to March from City point to Parliament House. Imran Khan requested to Policemen not to stop our March, so the PTI workers removed the barriers and containers from their ways and then arrived at Parliament House.

The Pakistan Awami Tehreek, Leader Dr. Allama Tahir-Ul-Qadri with their thousands of workers also arrived at Parliament House. The crowed was very charged.

The both leaders, Imran Khan and Tahir-Ul-Qadri have a same demand to the Nawaz Shari and Shabaz Sharif to resign.

Lets see what is happening?. We are still in confusion, what will be result.

Khan Jee
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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Imran Khan sleep on container

friends, i was very excited to see when Imran Khan told us that i am sleeping here on this stage to spend all the night. Believe me he was just looking as a ordinary worker, i have proud to have like this great leader. Imran Khan was looking very excited on stage, the weather was very cloudy and the rain was falling, there was no shelter, no Umbrella, safe from rain, he was continued his speech. Believe me i was very glad to see him and his attitude. He was stand up and never feel dis-comfort. Imran Khan wake up early in the morning and he went to Banni-Gala and announced Dharna in 3.PM again and requested all the nation to participate in this great March. We are playing final round and Insha Allah we will make new Pakistan. Insha Allah. skype. lalakhanjee

Friday, August 15, 2014

Azadi March of PTI

Hi friends, Tehreekeinsaf PTI, Azadi March started on 14th August, from Zaman Park Lahore on time, 12.AM, with PTI Chief Imran Khan's ownership. There are thousands of people joining this great movement, long march. there is a very good response to join this march from the Pakistani people. The PML-N workers thrown banners and sticks on Imran Khan's Rally, when they arrived at Gujranwal, PMLN workers also fired on Imran Khan's Container. An then the Security agencies told Khan Sahib that they should sit in their Bullet Proof Car, so he was sit in there Car and again started there March toward Islamabad. Now they are in Kahria, and i hope that they will arrived in Islamabad as soon as possible and we pray as well for his March and for his good life. Wish you the best of Luck. Khan Jee

Monday, July 21, 2014

US President Obama's statement on Gaza?

Hi, I am very strange to see the whole world reaction on Gaza attacks except Turkey. The super power American President Barack Obama saying that Israelis are attacking Gaza for their safety purpose?. Is this a safety to kill hundreds of innocent people in Gaza?. Is this a safety to attack on hospitals?. The reality is that US and Israelis are cheering its bombardment on innocent people in Gaza? Yesterday we saw that an american News Channel CNN has removed their newscaster Diana Magnay for broadcasting live events in Israel, in this live program, we can clearly seen the Israeli people gathering on hell and cheering missile attacks on Gaza, all of them are cheering and laughing the attack on Gaza. So, therefore the CNN authorities has removed Diana Magnay without any justification. So, this is the reality. For my view i am telling the whole world, especially to the US and Israel, that you both are doing very bad job. Because this is not a justice?. You both are killing innocent people in Gaza, you are provoking Muslims Vs Jewish/Christianity fight and i think it is very dangerous act. Taliban and Extremist in Muslim countries have already started Jihad against western world. And i believe that these kind of attacks will bring and increase more and more terrorist and Jihadis groups. We are tolerating everything and these kind of attacks as well, we have already facing American forces in Afghanistan and Insha Allah they will be defeated, i think now US understanding and realizing the Pashtoon tribe power. we as a Pashtoon cannot tolerate someone to interfere in our sole. We have defeated Russian forces already, and i remember a table talk program on CNN when American planning to attack on Afghanistan, there was two Army Officers, one from Moscow and one from USA, the Russian retired Military Officer told the US Military Officer that you cannot be succeed. We have fight and we cannot control Afghanistan, and especially Pashtoons are very brave tribe, they dont care to die. And now we are seeing the results, because the American and all the NATO forces are defeated by some brave Pashtoons. I strongly recommend to the US, NATO and Israel to stop this aggression against innocent Muslims and Civilians. Otherwise it will cause a big problem for the world, So, please stop this game, you cannot hide anything from the world.

If you want peace and stability in the world, so you have to win the heart and minds of the people, you have to show some justice. Other i am sure that it will cause a big problems.

Have a good day.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

We still love Imran Khan

I was very disappointed to say that Government TV Channel Geo and PTV News has started propaganda campaign against Imran Khan. We still condemn and we still love Imran Khan whether he done anything wrong, we dont care we just love Imran Khan, Khan Jee

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

MQM head Altaf Bhai has been arrested in London

Hi, As you knew that MQM's Head Mr. Altaf Hussain has been arrested by Scotland Yard Police in charging for money laundering case, and some of other cases i.e, Imran Farooq case as well, the police raid early in the morning in around 5 AM London Time and police have cordon off and sealed his home and now they are searching his house. There are hundreds of more case on Altaf Bhai, he knowned as a Target Killer in Pakistan and this is the first ever Party in Pakistan that have a terrorist wing in their party, they are killing innocent Pashtoons in Karachi, actually they are eager to kill Pashtoons, they cannot tolerate Pashtuns in Karachi, Now after thousands of complains against Altaf bhai and his party the London Police has lastly arrested this terrorist. Khanjee

Friday, April 25, 2014

Hamid Mir Vs ISI and Pak Army?

Hi and good morning to everybody,

As a Pakistani and a worker of PTI, i condemned attack on Hamid Mir and i also condemned Geo News reporting on ISI and Pak Army, Geo news reported very badly against Pak Army and ISI Chief, they shows ISI Chief Picture on their channel as a accussed person?, how they judged that ISI is responsible for this attack?,

They told the world that our Army and our Intelligent Chief is doing bad job and he is killing innocent people?,

Its sham on Geo and their people to show these kind of pictures.

I strongly condemned this act and we call to the Pakistani Government to act a policy in which the broadcaster will be responsible to not to show this kind of activities on their channels.


PTI win Khayber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Seat from Swat Khwazakhela in By Election.

Good morning,

Congratulations to all of PTI workers and members, PTI has great job and they win its by election seat in swat.

Insha Allah the PTI movement is growing up and we will take hearts of the people of Pakistan Insha Allah.

Again Congratulations to all of Pakistanies