Friday, April 25, 2014

Hamid Mir Vs ISI and Pak Army?

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As a Pakistani and a worker of PTI, i condemned attack on Hamid Mir and i also condemned Geo News reporting on ISI and Pak Army, Geo news reported very badly against Pak Army and ISI Chief, they shows ISI Chief Picture on their channel as a accussed person?, how they judged that ISI is responsible for this attack?,

They told the world that our Army and our Intelligent Chief is doing bad job and he is killing innocent people?,

Its sham on Geo and their people to show these kind of pictures.

I strongly condemned this act and we call to the Pakistani Government to act a policy in which the broadcaster will be responsible to not to show this kind of activities on their channels.


PTI win Khayber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Seat from Swat Khwazakhela in By Election.

Good morning,

Congratulations to all of PTI workers and members, PTI has great job and they win its by election seat in swat.

Insha Allah the PTI movement is growing up and we will take hearts of the people of Pakistan Insha Allah.

Again Congratulations to all of Pakistanies