Wednesday, June 4, 2014

MQM head Altaf Bhai has been arrested in London

Hi, As you knew that MQM's Head Mr. Altaf Hussain has been arrested by Scotland Yard Police in charging for money laundering case, and some of other cases i.e, Imran Farooq case as well, the police raid early in the morning in around 5 AM London Time and police have cordon off and sealed his home and now they are searching his house. There are hundreds of more case on Altaf Bhai, he knowned as a Target Killer in Pakistan and this is the first ever Party in Pakistan that have a terrorist wing in their party, they are killing innocent Pashtoons in Karachi, actually they are eager to kill Pashtoons, they cannot tolerate Pashtuns in Karachi, Now after thousands of complains against Altaf bhai and his party the London Police has lastly arrested this terrorist. Khanjee