Monday, July 21, 2014

US President Obama's statement on Gaza?

Hi, I am very strange to see the whole world reaction on Gaza attacks except Turkey. The super power American President Barack Obama saying that Israelis are attacking Gaza for their safety purpose?. Is this a safety to kill hundreds of innocent people in Gaza?. Is this a safety to attack on hospitals?. The reality is that US and Israelis are cheering its bombardment on innocent people in Gaza? Yesterday we saw that an american News Channel CNN has removed their newscaster Diana Magnay for broadcasting live events in Israel, in this live program, we can clearly seen the Israeli people gathering on hell and cheering missile attacks on Gaza, all of them are cheering and laughing the attack on Gaza. So, therefore the CNN authorities has removed Diana Magnay without any justification. So, this is the reality. For my view i am telling the whole world, especially to the US and Israel, that you both are doing very bad job. Because this is not a justice?. You both are killing innocent people in Gaza, you are provoking Muslims Vs Jewish/Christianity fight and i think it is very dangerous act. Taliban and Extremist in Muslim countries have already started Jihad against western world. And i believe that these kind of attacks will bring and increase more and more terrorist and Jihadis groups. We are tolerating everything and these kind of attacks as well, we have already facing American forces in Afghanistan and Insha Allah they will be defeated, i think now US understanding and realizing the Pashtoon tribe power. we as a Pashtoon cannot tolerate someone to interfere in our sole. We have defeated Russian forces already, and i remember a table talk program on CNN when American planning to attack on Afghanistan, there was two Army Officers, one from Moscow and one from USA, the Russian retired Military Officer told the US Military Officer that you cannot be succeed. We have fight and we cannot control Afghanistan, and especially Pashtoons are very brave tribe, they dont care to die. And now we are seeing the results, because the American and all the NATO forces are defeated by some brave Pashtoons. I strongly recommend to the US, NATO and Israel to stop this aggression against innocent Muslims and Civilians. Otherwise it will cause a big problem for the world, So, please stop this game, you cannot hide anything from the world.

If you want peace and stability in the world, so you have to win the heart and minds of the people, you have to show some justice. Other i am sure that it will cause a big problems.

Have a good day.

skype. lalakhanjee

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