Sunday, August 31, 2014

Islamabad become a War Land

It is very sad and i strongly condemn Government of Pakistan shelling on innocent civilians in Islamabad on PTI and on PAT workers. They also beaten Media Persons as well. There are un-confirmed news that there are 3 people has been killed so far, and hundreds of people wounded in this clashes.

We are feeling very shame that Pakistan Government Nawaz Government has completely fail to deliver peace in the country.

Nawaz Government is completely fail. and i think we need a democratic Government. and we strongly condemn these kind of activities.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Attitude of the Leader

I am a supporter of PTI, but i am always feel about the Imran Khan attitude toward their workers and someone. He dont have any tactic to attract more and more people. You saw a result of KPK in elections, the Pashtoon gave their mandate to Imran Khan for a change. He should deliver, otherwise he will loose everything. I am still supporting PTI, to bring change in the country. Believe me i still love Imran Khan. He never said to their followers that he Love them, as we have saying on every forum that we love Imran Khan, but his attitude is not very good toward their workers and colleagues.

In an interview Talat Huussain express his views that Imran Khan use a very bad language against him.

I think Imran Khan should behave their-self and try to make his attitude friendly. I am still supporting Imran Khan, but believe me i am very scared about his attitude, he must make some changes in his attitude. The must of people love him and they are expressing their solidarity with him on every forum. But i saw him that he is not responding as their worker. He should say at every Jalsa and in every program!. That i love you all of my workers, i love you. i saw a lot of little kids, babies in programs. But he never took the babies and he ignoring everything.

As a great leader he should respond friendly. I also saw him that he is not respecting their older leaders like Javed Hashmi and Shah Mehmood Qureshi, last night i saw Javed Hashmi was stand up with touch his shoulder and the rain was falling. He should respect.

Have you saw Altaf Hussan Bhai?. When he is addressing to his workers, he saying in every jalsa, i love you,i love you all of my workers. I dont like Altaf Bhai, he is a killer, but you saw how is the worker unit and they are dying on the name of Altaf. So, please be positive and respond gladly to your fellow and worker.

I still love you Imran Khan i still love you.

Wazir Khan
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Azadi March arrived infront of Parliament House

With a huge crowed Imran Khan announced to March from City point to Parliament House. Imran Khan requested to Policemen not to stop our March, so the PTI workers removed the barriers and containers from their ways and then arrived at Parliament House.

The Pakistan Awami Tehreek, Leader Dr. Allama Tahir-Ul-Qadri with their thousands of workers also arrived at Parliament House. The crowed was very charged.

The both leaders, Imran Khan and Tahir-Ul-Qadri have a same demand to the Nawaz Shari and Shabaz Sharif to resign.

Lets see what is happening?. We are still in confusion, what will be result.

Khan Jee
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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Imran Khan sleep on container

friends, i was very excited to see when Imran Khan told us that i am sleeping here on this stage to spend all the night. Believe me he was just looking as a ordinary worker, i have proud to have like this great leader. Imran Khan was looking very excited on stage, the weather was very cloudy and the rain was falling, there was no shelter, no Umbrella, safe from rain, he was continued his speech. Believe me i was very glad to see him and his attitude. He was stand up and never feel dis-comfort. Imran Khan wake up early in the morning and he went to Banni-Gala and announced Dharna in 3.PM again and requested all the nation to participate in this great March. We are playing final round and Insha Allah we will make new Pakistan. Insha Allah. skype. lalakhanjee

Friday, August 15, 2014

Azadi March of PTI

Hi friends, Tehreekeinsaf PTI, Azadi March started on 14th August, from Zaman Park Lahore on time, 12.AM, with PTI Chief Imran Khan's ownership. There are thousands of people joining this great movement, long march. there is a very good response to join this march from the Pakistani people. The PML-N workers thrown banners and sticks on Imran Khan's Rally, when they arrived at Gujranwal, PMLN workers also fired on Imran Khan's Container. An then the Security agencies told Khan Sahib that they should sit in their Bullet Proof Car, so he was sit in there Car and again started there March toward Islamabad. Now they are in Kahria, and i hope that they will arrived in Islamabad as soon as possible and we pray as well for his March and for his good life. Wish you the best of Luck. Khan Jee