Friday, August 22, 2014

Attitude of the Leader

I am a supporter of PTI, but i am always feel about the Imran Khan attitude toward their workers and someone. He dont have any tactic to attract more and more people. You saw a result of KPK in elections, the Pashtoon gave their mandate to Imran Khan for a change. He should deliver, otherwise he will loose everything. I am still supporting PTI, to bring change in the country. Believe me i still love Imran Khan. He never said to their followers that he Love them, as we have saying on every forum that we love Imran Khan, but his attitude is not very good toward their workers and colleagues.

In an interview Talat Huussain express his views that Imran Khan use a very bad language against him.

I think Imran Khan should behave their-self and try to make his attitude friendly. I am still supporting Imran Khan, but believe me i am very scared about his attitude, he must make some changes in his attitude. The must of people love him and they are expressing their solidarity with him on every forum. But i saw him that he is not responding as their worker. He should say at every Jalsa and in every program!. That i love you all of my workers, i love you. i saw a lot of little kids, babies in programs. But he never took the babies and he ignoring everything.

As a great leader he should respond friendly. I also saw him that he is not respecting their older leaders like Javed Hashmi and Shah Mehmood Qureshi, last night i saw Javed Hashmi was stand up with touch his shoulder and the rain was falling. He should respect.

Have you saw Altaf Hussan Bhai?. When he is addressing to his workers, he saying in every jalsa, i love you,i love you all of my workers. I dont like Altaf Bhai, he is a killer, but you saw how is the worker unit and they are dying on the name of Altaf. So, please be positive and respond gladly to your fellow and worker.

I still love you Imran Khan i still love you.

Wazir Khan
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