Friday, August 15, 2014

Azadi March of PTI

Hi friends, Tehreekeinsaf PTI, Azadi March started on 14th August, from Zaman Park Lahore on time, 12.AM, with PTI Chief Imran Khan's ownership. There are thousands of people joining this great movement, long march. there is a very good response to join this march from the Pakistani people. The PML-N workers thrown banners and sticks on Imran Khan's Rally, when they arrived at Gujranwal, PMLN workers also fired on Imran Khan's Container. An then the Security agencies told Khan Sahib that they should sit in their Bullet Proof Car, so he was sit in there Car and again started there March toward Islamabad. Now they are in Kahria, and i hope that they will arrived in Islamabad as soon as possible and we pray as well for his March and for his good life. Wish you the best of Luck. Khan Jee

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