Sunday, August 17, 2014

Imran Khan sleep on container

friends, i was very excited to see when Imran Khan told us that i am sleeping here on this stage to spend all the night. Believe me he was just looking as a ordinary worker, i have proud to have like this great leader. Imran Khan was looking very excited on stage, the weather was very cloudy and the rain was falling, there was no shelter, no Umbrella, safe from rain, he was continued his speech. Believe me i was very glad to see him and his attitude. He was stand up and never feel dis-comfort. Imran Khan wake up early in the morning and he went to Banni-Gala and announced Dharna in 3.PM again and requested all the nation to participate in this great March. We are playing final round and Insha Allah we will make new Pakistan. Insha Allah. skype. lalakhanjee

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