Monday, September 1, 2014

Imran Khan! Please change your Attidue?

This was the main concern that I am expressing in most of my Articles, about Imran Khan’s attitude. Yesterday we saw Imran Khan’s speech on container in Islamabad about Javed Hashim, He told him that our views are different so, aaj ke bad hamare raste juda hai, and then today, he quite Mr. Javed Hashmi from PTI.

This is unfair, how you can quite an Important Leader and a President of PTI in just one word and without a Core Committee Meeting? It is unfair.  As I am giving an advice on most of articles that you should change your attitude toward your colleagues, as you are saying to PM Nawaz Sharif is a Badsha, so I think you are not a different from Badsha, you have change your mind, we don’t need Takkabburi and Badshahat. First time we saw that PTI is emerging and they are conducting elections in their own Party. As a genuine and an honest party, you teech us that we have to respect every views and advice of every member in PTI, so where is respect?.

We need a real respectful leader, we are thinking that Imran Khan is an hope in Pakistan. But believe me I am really very disappoint from Imran Khan’s decisions that he is binding without any consultation in Core Committee. Believe me I am very scared about your attitude, I am a worker of PTI from the last 15 years. Believe me I cannot face my friends and neighbors for doing this kind of decisions. We need an answer and clarification from my leader Imran Khan, as Javed Hashmi said in an interview that all of 10 members were agreed, not to go forward to Prime Minister House for strike. We need an answer from you?.

I am not tolerating Javed Hashmi press conference as well. It is not a good way to disclose any confidential issues in an open press conference.  

But it doesn’t mean that you just stand on container and telling the world that hamare raste juda hochuke hai?. Unfair? It is not fair. He is a President of PTI, PTI is not alone your. You cannot run PTI without workers and without leaders like Javed Hashmi and Shah Mehmood and there are so many that I can named.

What you have to do?, you have to request to Javed Hashmi please come back. Imran Khan I saw you’re an interview on Geo in which you said to the anchor that I have not sent Dr. Alvi and Asad Umar to Multan to realize and convey Javed Hashmi. Why? Why?. Javed Hashmi is a respectable person and I think every worker is respectable; we have many expectations from you Imran Khan from you. Please don’t hurt our expectations. You are an hope for new generations and for everyone in Pakistan.
I am reminding you routinely, that you please change your attitude toward your workers and your fellow that are in your core committee, otherwise believe me you are loosing everything. You have to be generous with your workers. You know?. How much we love you?. You cannot understand and you cannot imagine that how much we love you?. So, for God sack change your mind and change your attitude toward your workers and fellow. Have you saw Altaf Hussain? When he was addressing to their workers, in every speech he is expressing his views toward their workers, he is telling I love you I love you all of my dear workers and I believe that he love their worker as well. There is no question about this.

But in the other side you are I think for at now completely fail. Yesterday I saw your speech against Hashmi Sahib, how you can quite a President of PTI, just on one press conference. You are teaching us freedom of expression!. Believe me everyone including Makhdoom Shah Mehmood and all of other PTI colleagues are loving you and I am very concern if you have not change your this attitude, so I think slowly slowly and one by one will leave you. So, we don’t want PTI loose and we don’t want to loose this game in Pakistan. I have already told you about the result of KPK of Pashtoons. Imran Khan you are well aware! Jitni mohabbat apse Pashtoon karte hai, Utni hi nafrat b kar sakte hai. If you have not change your present attitude.

So, please and for God Sack change your Badshahat attitude otherwise you will see the result of Pashtoons.

Khuda apko salamat rake
Wazir Khan
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