Sunday, November 30, 2014

Imran Khan Speech in Islambad on 30th Novermber 2014

Dear friends,

Imran Khan started his speech with Bismillah Irrahmane Rahim, with Eyya kana Buddo Wa, eyya kanasta heen, he was very excited to see the charged crowed and told his workers that i got everything in this world and God has gave me everything, God has gave me respected workers like you. I dont need anything more. I just need a proparous and Tarraqi Yafta Pakistan,

Imran Khan demanded again Judicial Commission to find fact and reality about the election rigging. Imran Khan announce to close Lahore from 4th December and called to Nawaz Shareef to find the facts of the rigging in election, otherwise i will shutdown all the country.

Wazir Khan
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Shah Mehmood Qureshi in D, Chowk Islamabad

PTI vice President Shah Mehmood Qureshi has started his speech and told the people and colleagues that todays night on your name. I never saw a gathering like this one, He was very excited about the charged crowed and he told the people that people of Pakistan have given everything on your hands, so now you can decide whether we have to go out from here or we have still to wait here in Islambad, 

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Private Doctors in Pakistan

Dear friends,

Some days before i got an appointment with Dr. Ghulam Rasool Bhok at Hira Medical center, He is a child specialist. He checked my baby and gave me some syrups.  Mene bache ko rath ko syrup pilay aur usi rath bach teek hogia, Dr. Buhat acha tha, He is good spcecialist.

After a some days, our another kid was upset and i got appointment again for check up. Is dafa meri ghar wali mere batheeje k sath gai, mera bach b uske sath tha, jab usne mere batheeje ko deka and jaise hee rawana hue to meri ghar wali ne dr. se kaha mera bach to ab teek hai, me kia wohi syrup pelao, so What Dr. said, have you got an appointment????. and he told her i cannot see this kid without my fee and payment?.

This is the tolerance and business of Drs here in Pakistan, Doctorate is a great passion and humanity profession. Dr, should not get this Degree for money, Our Pakistani doctors are getting there degrees for just money and business. They are not interested to provide humanity, they are keen to get this degree for money.

In Pakistan there are thousands of doctors working in private clinics and looting people. I can give you an example, i purchase some medicals from Hira Medical complex in Sukkur in a very high rates, and then after some days i purchased the same medical syrups from another medical store, and you will be amzed to hear because it was very cheaper than the Hira Medical Complex store.

Hum kaise taraqee karenge, hum lage hue hai sirf or sirt paise kamane me, we are not thinking to give humanity to the people,

So, i request to all the doctors to please change your attitude and respect your profession.

Thats why Imran Khan is showing for change, we should support them to bring some change in Pakistan, and we have many expectations from PTI,

Have a good day,

Wazir Khan
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Imran Khan in Gujranwala Punjab

Dear friends and PTI colleagues, believe me i never seen before a political gathering in Gujranwala like today Jalsa of PTI. thousands of people were there and to wait and see their lover leader Imran Khan.

Shiekh Rasheed was also there and he also speech a great speech in this jalsa. Imran Khan arrived with their private chartered plane and then after the jalsa he returned to Islamabad Dharna.

We still support Imran Khan and his views on all aspects.

We love Imran Khan

Wazir Khan
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Friday, November 21, 2014

PTI Jalsa in Larkana

Hello and Good morning,

I am just wake up and preparing for Larkana jalsa, we are waiting for a long while because we have to show that we also love PTI and Imran Khan in Sindh, So, i am and all of my 19 friends are on bike to Larkana, its a great fun, and we pray for a peaceful jalsa in Larkana,

Have a good weekend.

Wazir Khan
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Anti Terrorist Court issued Arrest Warrant of Imran Khan

Pakistani Court issued an un-bail arrest warrant of Imran Khan and Tahirrul Qadri, But i think it is just a mind war to threat to PTI and PAT, Because Imran Khan is going to schedule a big Dharna/Jalsa on 30th November in Islamabad, so i think Government is very disappoint about this jalsa.

I think the Government is now going to in trouble more and more. PML-N are loosing their power in Punjab as well as in the other provinces. 

Wazir Khan
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Friday, November 7, 2014

PTI and JI

After a very strong criticism by PTI toward Jama,at Islami, and the same to toward PTI as now ended. Because Imran Khan arrived on JI senior member House in Islamabad to meet with Jamat Islami Chief Saraj-Ul-Haq and they talked about the present situation in Pakistan.

Both are agreed to continue their coalition in KPK.

I think it is a good to see both leaders on the same page.

Have a good day,

Wazir Khan
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