Sunday, November 30, 2014

Imran Khan Speech in Islambad on 30th Novermber 2014

Dear friends,

Imran Khan started his speech with Bismillah Irrahmane Rahim, with Eyya kana Buddo Wa, eyya kanasta heen, he was very excited to see the charged crowed and told his workers that i got everything in this world and God has gave me everything, God has gave me respected workers like you. I dont need anything more. I just need a proparous and Tarraqi Yafta Pakistan,

Imran Khan demanded again Judicial Commission to find fact and reality about the election rigging. Imran Khan announce to close Lahore from 4th December and called to Nawaz Shareef to find the facts of the rigging in election, otherwise i will shutdown all the country.

Wazir Khan
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