Monday, December 1, 2014

Imran Khan not respecting people

PTI Coalition partner in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, AJP head Shehram Khan Taraqai express his concerns about Imran Khan, he told in a press conference that Imran Khan is not respecting their colleagues.

This is the main concern that i am telling in the most of my articles, I am watching Imran Khan from a very log time. Actually he is not respecting there colleagues and workers in all the time. As today Shehram Khan Tarakai told the news persons that we are participating Dharna in Islambad, but Imran Khan is not respecting there coalition partners.

I have expressed several time this concern on my articles that he is not respecting people, but we love Imran Khan very much, the people of KPK has given a good mandate to PTI, thats why they love Imran Khan and feeling that Imran Khan is a great person, in the end as i wrote in my previous article, that Imran Khan should change his attitude. He is showing them self as a Badsha, i saw on facebook a picture of an old woman, she was giving donation to Imran Khan, she came in his container to give him her donation check. But he never stand up, he was just sitting on his big chair. Believe me the old woman was i think her age would be almost 70 year. She hand over her check to Imran and Imran never stand up to collect a check from this old woman. There are so many other examples like this one. Believe me we still respect and love Imran Khan very much.

Keep in mind and write in your hearts that Imran Khan will leave his respect and popularity, if this attitude was continue. So, we again request to Imran Khan to please change your attitude toward the workers and be positive all the time.

Wazir Khan
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