Friday, December 26, 2014

Military Courts in Pakistan

Military Courts in Pakistan

After a Peshawar School incident, Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif call for All Parties Conference in Islamabad and send invitations to all Political Leaders to participate in this important meeting. 

This was a very long time meeting and it takes around 11 hours to come to conclusion. After the meeting Prime Minister conduct a press conference, in which he announce that we first condemn this brutal attack on innocent students in Peshawar, secondly we have decided to create Military Courts to provide speedy justice. All the parties were agreed on Military courts, but MQM was disagreed and they were against this creation. 

MQM Chief Altaf Bhai told in a press conference that, we cannot agree on military courts, why we should not invite to General Raheel Shareef for Marshal Law, i think Marshal is much better than Military Courts?. These were the words by Altaf Bhai

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