Friday, December 19, 2014

Terrorists killed innocent school children in Pakistan

Dear friends,

There is a very sad days now in Pakistan, Pakistani Taliban TTP attacked on Army Public School Peshawar in Pakistan, they martyred hundreds of innocent schools children and teachers in the school.

The TTP has claimed the responsibility of this brutal attack, i strongly condemned this brutal act and we demand as a Muslim and Pakistani that stop the negotiations with TTP and start speedy Operation against Taliban, the Government should vast this campaign across all Pakistan and destroy all that culprits. We cannot tolerate these kind of brutal attacks.

In the past i strongly condemned attacks on civilians in Waziristan and as well as on Lal Mosque in Islamabad and definitely i will condemned this kind of attacks as well, but the other side it is not the right way to attack and killed innocent people like they are doing right now. Taliban are loosing there sympathy worldwide.

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