Monday, November 16, 2015

Attack in France

Muje buhat afsos se kehna par raha hai, k FB, ne France ka flag logo k liye chun kar ye sabit kar dia k waqai me ye sare American and western world Musalmano k khilaf hai. Ye dohra mayar hai. American drons har din masoom logo ko marte hai, Afghanistan me beguna logo ko marte hai, isi Tara, Kashmir, Burma, Iraq, Sham or Libya or Pakistan me aye din dehshat gardi huti hai, beguna log marte hai. Tab to ap logo ne kabi afsos nai kia or na hi FB walo ne Pakistani flag de dia hu izhar e yakjehti k liye.
Me samajta hu Daesh walo ne acha nai kia, par hum sab ko ye b sochna chaheye k in sare maslo ka kia hal hai or hame is masle ko hal karna chaheye. Hame sab k sath bath cheet karni hogi agar hame aman chaheye?. Hame in sab ko sunna pare ga, q ye log ye kam kar rahe hai. We cannot win and bring peace without having a fruitful negotiations. Otherwise, it will create more and more violence day by day

Friday, May 1, 2015

MQM target Killers Tahir Langra arrested

Hi, The Karachi Police SP Maleer Rao Anwar arrested two of MQM's target killers and and conducted a press conference to show both target killers. The Killers told media that we are from MQM and we are getting training from RAW India. We are killing innocent people in Karachi to de-stabilize Karachi.

This is the first time ever that two of MQM target killers claim that they are actually getting training from Indian Agency Raw. In the press conference Rao Anwar shows some papers evidence as well.

After all this, the Sindh Chief Minister suspend S.P Rao Anwer to disclosing and conducting this press conference. So, i think if there is someone who want to tell the reality about the terrorists, so they will face problems from the politicians. I strongly condemned the Sindh Police IG, action against this great and brave S.P Raw Anwar. I think he is the brave one to let the world about this terrorist organization. He done his duty and now it depends on courts and the present Rulers to what acts?.

I am very astonish to see the whole scenario and all the evidence that are going to relate against MQM, the Government is not going to take any action against MQM, why they cannot get their Rabta Committee members, why cannot arrest these terrorists?.

Believe me i am just looking to our Brave Rangers and to Chief of Army Mr. Raheel Shareef to please take an action against this Indian Agent Altaf Bhai, last knight he request to Raw for any help. This is very shameful conference by Altaf Bhai.

We request to Army Chief to please take an action against MQM Rabta Committee and arrest all these culprits . The Pakistani Government should banned MQM, this is not my choice, however, this is the reality and a choice of every Pakistani.

Lastly i solute to SSP Rao Anwer, and please dont be hesitate to take further action against these target killers.


Friday, March 27, 2015

MQM loosing grip in Karachi

Today i just heard and saw an audio tap has been recorded by the Government, the conversation was tapped between Imran Khan and Arif Alvi, I am very strange there is nothing in this tape to take this tape into an issue. there is just conversation on attack on PTI Center. Imran Khan told the media that i never asked for Bhatta, for Target Killing or for killing someone like MQM is doing.

Imran Khan and Arif Alvi told the media that i never asked for killing someone and to pack in Bori, i never asked to kill innocent people in Karachi and i never asked for Bhatta Khurri.

Everyone is Pakistan clear about MQM that they are 100% a terrorist organization and they have actually a terrorist wing in their party. so, we cannot compare PTI with MQM?. Where is Altaf Hussain known as a terrorist man and where is Imran Khan whose known as a great leader.

We have confident on Imran Khan and Insha Allah he will do something for Pakistan and Pakistani people. Also i am 100% sure that Imran Khan is a very decent man and he cannot do anything wrong like Altaf Bhai is doing in Karachi, Imran Khan cannot do anything wrong or cannot asked to workers to killed innocent people and Imran Khan cannot told their workers to take Bhatta from Businessmen. I am sure. So, stop this nonsense.

We still Love Imran Khan

Khan Jee
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Friday, March 20, 2015

MQM target killer Saulat Mirza Video

Dear friends, as i am expressing my concerns everyday on this blog that MQM has their militant wing in their party and they are killing innocent people in Karachi. Now again their captured target killer Sahulat Mirza recorded his exclusive pardon video, he told the world that actually he was the worker of MQM and i admit to killed innocent people in Karachi. He says that once we meet in Babar Ghouri's House in Karachi and planned a program to killed KSE head, and he told that Babar Ghouri called on Phone with Altaf Hussain and this was the first time that we talked with MQM head Altaf Bhai and give us order to kill the person.

He also admit that MQM are killing their own worker, when they become fame in the party so they will then target to kill them. He told in video that there are a lot of senior members of MQM are involved in target killing in Karachi, he named Babar Ghouri, Amir Khan, Haider Abbas Rizvi, Siddiqui and also named several more member of National and Provincial Assembly members that all them are involved in these cases.

Saulat Mirza requested to all of MQM supporters that not to support MQM, they are all terrorists, first they will use you and then they will thrown them as a tissue paper. so, first i request to all of Pakistanis that please pardon me and give me a 1 chance for all the time. He also express his views that he is very concern about his family and may be someone from MQM could kill them all.

Take care and have a good day.

Khan Jee

Friday, March 13, 2015

Raid on 90 of MQM

Hi, Pakistani Security Forces, Rangers take an action against MQM's head quarter on 90 in Karachi and they captured around 28 target killers and most wanted criminals from MQM's 90. Ranger claims that they captured a target killer of Geo News correspondent Wali Khan Babar. The Operation head Clonal told the news that they also got a theft NATO weapons which was theft some days before. They also show all that weapons to the media as well.

In my views it is not an astonishing news because everyone here in Pakistan knows about the MQM's reality. They knows that this is a criminal and have military wing party. They killed thousands of innocent people every year for their own cause. The head of this party Altaf Hussain is operating like don from London, there is no one to take an action against this brutal person. The political parties compromising their interests because they want to intact and want to rule out their Government, they cannot talk against MQM, MQM have several MNAs and MPAs and it is the most famous party in karachi. They have hold in all over the Karachi, but now a days the PTI is grooming up and tightening their hands in Karachi.

I think the people of Karachi are now leaving MQM and joining the new one PTI. Mostly the educated people joining PTI. This is i think the good alternative in Karachi. People now assume that MQM is the most militant party and this should be banned. Are you agreed with my opinions or not?. Please let me know.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

MQM Target Killer involve in Baldia factory incident.

Hi, as we saw on news channels that MQM's target Killer Rizwan Qureshi is actually involved in Badia factory Karachi incident in which i think there were 260 people were died due to factory burning. In the JIT report, the target killer told the officers that actually he belong from MQM and there is also a big name involve in this plan, they demanded around 20 crore rupees from the factory owners, the owners declined their offer, that's why we burned a factory.

MQM senior members has called a meeting a press conference and they should told that we are not backing this person and it is not confirm news that Mr. Rizwan Qureshi is our worker. We don't know this person. He should be brought to justice, we don't care.

Again today late night on 12 PM MQM has called an emergency meeting to discuss this issue.

I think in my view, MQM is confirmely involved in this incident and they are doing killing innocent people all the time in Karachi, they are doing batta khori as well. As we already wrote some articles about MQM, that they have actually a militant link in his party and they are doing everything for their causes.

That is the main thing that why MQM is loosing there fame in the other parts of Pakistan.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Obama's visit to India

Hi, we saw that President of the United States Barak Obama visit to India. India has honored great hospitality. In the other side if we think that why Obama is not visiting Pakistan. Actually the main problem is that United States is not comparing Pakistan with India as well as with USA. They are not giving respect as they are giving to India or to other countries.

Now a days as we saw that Obama visited India and then returned to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As you know that Pakistan and India is a close borders and they are very in touch. We all Pakistani thinks that he should visit to Pakistan as well. As he is came to India so why was not in Pakistan. Pakistan has a lot of sacrifices and we are victims of the present war against terrorist. We are the biggest victims. Our soldiers are dying every day, our people are dying day by day. We are facing drone attacks and also facing Talibans and their suicidal attacks in Pakistan.

Obama in India

But in the other side from USA, they are completely ignoring Pakistan on every forum. We are just hearing their statements that Pakistan is a our key partner for this war. But we care clearly see the result as we are seeing now a days. We don't need money for anything, we need business and trade with USA and other countries.

We born a lot of enemies to join this war. But USA and European countries are completely ignoring everything. so, i think this kind of attitude will bring more and more hates.

Wazir Khan

Friday, January 23, 2015

Imran Khan on Umrah

Imran Khan and Reham Khan

Hi, my leader Imran Khan and his life partner Reham Khan arrived in Makka Mukarrama for performing Umrah. He has never asked for a security or any mobile police and guards for protection, he was just arrived as a common person and he is performing their Umrah.

I wish him and her wife Reham Khan for a new good life and pray for them to long live.

Wish you all the best.

Wazir Khan
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