Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Obama's visit to India

Hi, we saw that President of the United States Barak Obama visit to India. India has honored great hospitality. In the other side if we think that why Obama is not visiting Pakistan. Actually the main problem is that United States is not comparing Pakistan with India as well as with USA. They are not giving respect as they are giving to India or to other countries.

Now a days as we saw that Obama visited India and then returned to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As you know that Pakistan and India is a close borders and they are very in touch. We all Pakistani thinks that he should visit to Pakistan as well. As he is came to India so why was not in Pakistan. Pakistan has a lot of sacrifices and we are victims of the present war against terrorist. We are the biggest victims. Our soldiers are dying every day, our people are dying day by day. We are facing drone attacks and also facing Talibans and their suicidal attacks in Pakistan.

Obama in India

But in the other side from USA, they are completely ignoring Pakistan on every forum. We are just hearing their statements that Pakistan is a our key partner for this war. But we care clearly see the result as we are seeing now a days. We don't need money for anything, we need business and trade with USA and other countries.

We born a lot of enemies to join this war. But USA and European countries are completely ignoring everything. so, i think this kind of attitude will bring more and more hates.

Wazir Khan

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