Sunday, February 8, 2015

MQM Target Killer involve in Baldia factory incident.

Hi, as we saw on news channels that MQM's target Killer Rizwan Qureshi is actually involved in Badia factory Karachi incident in which i think there were 260 people were died due to factory burning. In the JIT report, the target killer told the officers that actually he belong from MQM and there is also a big name involve in this plan, they demanded around 20 crore rupees from the factory owners, the owners declined their offer, that's why we burned a factory.

MQM senior members has called a meeting a press conference and they should told that we are not backing this person and it is not confirm news that Mr. Rizwan Qureshi is our worker. We don't know this person. He should be brought to justice, we don't care.

Again today late night on 12 PM MQM has called an emergency meeting to discuss this issue.

I think in my view, MQM is confirmely involved in this incident and they are doing killing innocent people all the time in Karachi, they are doing batta khori as well. As we already wrote some articles about MQM, that they have actually a militant link in his party and they are doing everything for their causes.

That is the main thing that why MQM is loosing there fame in the other parts of Pakistan.