Friday, March 27, 2015

MQM loosing grip in Karachi

Today i just heard and saw an audio tap has been recorded by the Government, the conversation was tapped between Imran Khan and Arif Alvi, I am very strange there is nothing in this tape to take this tape into an issue. there is just conversation on attack on PTI Center. Imran Khan told the media that i never asked for Bhatta, for Target Killing or for killing someone like MQM is doing.

Imran Khan and Arif Alvi told the media that i never asked for killing someone and to pack in Bori, i never asked to kill innocent people in Karachi and i never asked for Bhatta Khurri.

Everyone is Pakistan clear about MQM that they are 100% a terrorist organization and they have actually a terrorist wing in their party. so, we cannot compare PTI with MQM?. Where is Altaf Hussain known as a terrorist man and where is Imran Khan whose known as a great leader.

We have confident on Imran Khan and Insha Allah he will do something for Pakistan and Pakistani people. Also i am 100% sure that Imran Khan is a very decent man and he cannot do anything wrong like Altaf Bhai is doing in Karachi, Imran Khan cannot do anything wrong or cannot asked to workers to killed innocent people and Imran Khan cannot told their workers to take Bhatta from Businessmen. I am sure. So, stop this nonsense.

We still Love Imran Khan

Khan Jee
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