Friday, March 20, 2015

MQM target killer Saulat Mirza Video

Dear friends, as i am expressing my concerns everyday on this blog that MQM has their militant wing in their party and they are killing innocent people in Karachi. Now again their captured target killer Sahulat Mirza recorded his exclusive pardon video, he told the world that actually he was the worker of MQM and i admit to killed innocent people in Karachi. He says that once we meet in Babar Ghouri's House in Karachi and planned a program to killed KSE head, and he told that Babar Ghouri called on Phone with Altaf Hussain and this was the first time that we talked with MQM head Altaf Bhai and give us order to kill the person.

He also admit that MQM are killing their own worker, when they become fame in the party so they will then target to kill them. He told in video that there are a lot of senior members of MQM are involved in target killing in Karachi, he named Babar Ghouri, Amir Khan, Haider Abbas Rizvi, Siddiqui and also named several more member of National and Provincial Assembly members that all them are involved in these cases.

Saulat Mirza requested to all of MQM supporters that not to support MQM, they are all terrorists, first they will use you and then they will thrown them as a tissue paper. so, first i request to all of Pakistanis that please pardon me and give me a 1 chance for all the time. He also express his views that he is very concern about his family and may be someone from MQM could kill them all.

Take care and have a good day.

Khan Jee

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