Friday, March 13, 2015

Raid on 90 of MQM

Hi, Pakistani Security Forces, Rangers take an action against MQM's head quarter on 90 in Karachi and they captured around 28 target killers and most wanted criminals from MQM's 90. Ranger claims that they captured a target killer of Geo News correspondent Wali Khan Babar. The Operation head Clonal told the news that they also got a theft NATO weapons which was theft some days before. They also show all that weapons to the media as well.

In my views it is not an astonishing news because everyone here in Pakistan knows about the MQM's reality. They knows that this is a criminal and have military wing party. They killed thousands of innocent people every year for their own cause. The head of this party Altaf Hussain is operating like don from London, there is no one to take an action against this brutal person. The political parties compromising their interests because they want to intact and want to rule out their Government, they cannot talk against MQM, MQM have several MNAs and MPAs and it is the most famous party in karachi. They have hold in all over the Karachi, but now a days the PTI is grooming up and tightening their hands in Karachi.

I think the people of Karachi are now leaving MQM and joining the new one PTI. Mostly the educated people joining PTI. This is i think the good alternative in Karachi. People now assume that MQM is the most militant party and this should be banned. Are you agreed with my opinions or not?. Please let me know.


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