Friday, May 1, 2015

MQM target Killers Tahir Langra arrested

Hi, The Karachi Police SP Maleer Rao Anwar arrested two of MQM's target killers and and conducted a press conference to show both target killers. The Killers told media that we are from MQM and we are getting training from RAW India. We are killing innocent people in Karachi to de-stabilize Karachi.

This is the first time ever that two of MQM target killers claim that they are actually getting training from Indian Agency Raw. In the press conference Rao Anwar shows some papers evidence as well.

After all this, the Sindh Chief Minister suspend S.P Rao Anwer to disclosing and conducting this press conference. So, i think if there is someone who want to tell the reality about the terrorists, so they will face problems from the politicians. I strongly condemned the Sindh Police IG, action against this great and brave S.P Raw Anwar. I think he is the brave one to let the world about this terrorist organization. He done his duty and now it depends on courts and the present Rulers to what acts?.

I am very astonish to see the whole scenario and all the evidence that are going to relate against MQM, the Government is not going to take any action against MQM, why they cannot get their Rabta Committee members, why cannot arrest these terrorists?.

Believe me i am just looking to our Brave Rangers and to Chief of Army Mr. Raheel Shareef to please take an action against this Indian Agent Altaf Bhai, last knight he request to Raw for any help. This is very shameful conference by Altaf Bhai.

We request to Army Chief to please take an action against MQM Rabta Committee and arrest all these culprits . The Pakistani Government should banned MQM, this is not my choice, however, this is the reality and a choice of every Pakistani.

Lastly i solute to SSP Rao Anwer, and please dont be hesitate to take further action against these target killers.